HOFEKA Kft. 2142 Nagytarcsa, Cinkotai út 23.
Phone: +36 1 261-6338 Email: hofeka@hofeka.hu

Our Company

HOFEKA Kft., a successor of EKA Rt. (the Hungarian abbreviation for Electrical Appliances and Materials Manufacturing), established in 1888, has gained widespread recognition and popularity in Hungary, Europe as well as the Middle East. Our company has three facilities: our R&D and logistics departments are located in Nagytarcsa, next to Budapest, and our two manufacturing plants are in Dióskál, close to Austria. We pride ourselves in being in the forefront of our industry and offering creative and innovative solutions to the complex problems our clients are facing. Our extended logistics facilities allow us to provide a consistent supply of street lighting columns, brackets, and flange plates to our customers.

HOFEKA offers:
  • LED luminaires
  • festive lighting and street lighting equipment
  • floodlights for outdoor, sports and industrial uses
  • tailor-made light fixtures
  • accessories and decorative products
  • standard and tailor-made poles
  • decorative street furniture
  • Smart City solutions
  • Assistance services
  • high-voltage transmission line fittings (exclusive manufacturing in Hungary)
  • fittings of overhead power lines and transmission towers
  • specialized high-voltage (750 kV) fittings

More on our main product lines:

100% of Hungary’s high-voltage electrical grid has been completed using fittings from EKA Rt, the predecessor of HOFEKA. HOFEKA manufactures replacement fittings and additional fittings for the power generation industry, working closely with electricity providers.

HOFEKA manufactures the highest technical and aesthetic quality lighting equipment on the market, using the best quality raw materials, sourced from the most reputable vendors in Europe. Our lighting equipment, designed and manufactured jointly with ECLATEC, have received several prestigious professional awards.

Our festive lighting products we illuminate buildings, sports facilities, and outdoor structures in an aesthetic way with our programmable RGB(W) LED devices.

Our Smart City solutions greatly contribute to the modern and cost-efficient operation of municipalities. These solutions include programmable light fixtures, parking assistance systems, waste management, charging electric cars, e-bikes, and other devices; environmental sensors, wireless internet, and integrated surveillance systems.

Our state of the art production plant is equipped with all equipment and machinery to produce our products in-house, allowing us to fulfill orders with great flexibility and short deadlines.

HOFEKA works in compliance with the guidelines of ISO 9001 and we are a certified supplier of several large local and global companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to our products and services.




This type of service is well-known in the automotive industry. HOFEKA ASSISTANCE is first in the lightning industry to offer technical assistance. With dedicated industry professionals and service vehicles, HOFEKA ASSISTANCE is here to help our clients from lighting design to product design and installation.


Who can benefit from HOFEKA ASSISTANCE?

We offer help and services to:

  • designers
  • contractors
  • developers
  • operators


HOFEKA ASSISTANCE’s professionals help our clients in any phase of the implementation. Our dedicated service team ensures timely response to all service calls and our warehouse always has sufficient spare parts in stock to meet our client’s needs quickly and efficiently.


For designers

HOFEKA ASSISTANCE facilitates designers’ work by taking over the design of complete lighting plans with its own design software and products, based on the design requirements and specifications and finding the best and most energy-efficient solution. During the design phase, developers may come up with aesthetic and technical requirements for light fixtures that designers cannot meet using any of the products currently on the market.

We are here to help designers to find the solution for even the most challenging requirements with our professional development team. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and we work with leading electrical design specialists, interior designers and in some cases, industrial designers to fulfill all client requests.

For contractors

For the implementation phase we provide constant manufacturer presence, helping contractors with a professional and quick installation. Our professionals offer final review to detect and fix any technical issues prior to handover. Our HOFEKA ASSISTANCE vehicle is always just a phone call away.

For developers and operators

Professionally manufactured and installed lighting devices are less likely to fail. Replacement of parts under and beyond warranty are guaranteed for decades. HOFEKA ASSISTANCE provides comprehensive technical assistance for design, construction, and handover, resulting in significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs.